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It’s generally believed that simple interest belongs to a simple worldview, but the search for fundamental knowledge is the prerogative of people with far-reaching plans. Herewith, the first, sometimes, may unexpectedly lead to success, and the second — not bring the desired results. Maybe folks who accept life as a quest, a self-development way (where you can invent and bring into civilization something new and valuable) are right?
As usual, who knows how to work — works, who doesn’t — governs, who got none of either — teaches. And therefore this brochure contains only examples of personal worldview and the conclusions made on the life-path.
You may like it if you appreciate conscience, prudence, objectiveness, composure, absence of malice, strength and freedom of spirit, the skill to hear yourself and the circumstances around, and, of course, love to yourself and good people as well.
Perhaps, some of poems written here will be useful to you and will help you to figure out what’s to be done next.